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Now that we know there is going to be a World of Darkness Living Card Game from FFG lets speculate about what they are doing with it.
What we know:
The game heavily influenced by V:TES.
Core set will focus on Vampire, Hunter, Mage, and Werewolf.
Politics will make a return but players will gain titles in place of characters having them.
Combat is being fully rewritten.
The Core set will be designed for 2-4 players with a single box, rules are written for unlimited players.
V:TES's Predator/Prey system for multiplayer will make a return.

Each faction is going to have 4 "disciplines" for a total of 16 in the Core set.
The Blood system from V:TES is returning and be reflavored as fighting over the power in a city. Bleeding will become Draining, Hunting will be Gathering, etc.