Brikwars Battle Report: Because You Demanded It!

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Hail, noble citizens of /tg/! A few days ago, I held a thread wherein I asked you to choose one of two themes for a Battle Report, . After a dead tie, I decided to do both - at the same time!

The result was a three-day battle, documented with over 200 quality images, and a quantity of Lego carnage heretofore unseen here on /tg/. As much as I'm glad that my table is no longer being held hostage, I'm even more pleased to present the results to you!

And before anyone new asks; no, I'm not posting this on /toy/. Brikwars is a tabletop wargame, and therefore /tg/-related. You can find it here:

Without further ado, I give you: BRIKWARS!