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There are three stages of discovery as a person plays D&D.

1. Discovering that you don't have to play a LG character.

With most television shows, video games, and fantasy novels featuring LG protagonists, it often a bit of an epiphany for a person when they realize that they have a degree of freedom with their morality, even if they discover immediately during the first time they open up the handbook. This epiphany is especially strong for younger players, since age-appropriate media almost uniformly features LG protagonists, and it's a bit of a leap of brain processes when they realize that even though the DM wants them to save the town, they can burn it down instead.

For some people, realizing they can play an evil character or even just that they can commit evil acts leads them towards exploring these options, and some people even end up preferring them. Tabletop roleplaying games allow a degree of freedom that other games don't provide, and being able to be truly dastardly (rather than just picking the "evil" option in a WRPG dialogue selection, they can systematically ruin someone's life, for example.) is appealing to many people.