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Ok, /tg/ - I have a question.

One of the things ive noticed, and its impossible not too, is the opinion of most of the anon's, that the main characters of Dances With Wolves, and Avatar - most posters have mentioned either hating these characters, thinking of them as traitors, or having problems with the movie because they join the opposed native culture.

Why is this /tg/? Im curious.

BTW - this isnt my attempt to creatie a troll thread, im just interested in the opinions of posters - mostly because it runs so counter to my own - being native american myself (North Dakota Chippewa), the main characters are definitely the guys i get behind, and like them all the more for it.

tl,dr - why does /tg/ hate the main characters of avatar and dances with wolves, because they join the native culture (ant not a troll thread, promise)