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Humanity Fuck Yeah thread, with a twist!

"Fellow members of the council, I am here today to present my findings from the Diplomatic mission to the newly discovered planet of Earth. Even as I hold the proof in holodisk form in my hands, I can scarcely believe what I am about to tell you."

"As we all know, the monstrous creatures known as Eldritch Abominations have slept on many worlds since the dawn of civilization, even in their sleep causing destruction and chaos through their mortal agents, we tiptoe around them carefully for awakening even one would result in a catastrophe on a massive scale."

"But today I tell you that there is hope, someday we will no longer fear the Cyclopean cities that lie in the buried in the mantel or sunk in the deepest seas of many worlds"

"Today I tell you the story of a man named Johansen and a primitive steamboat Christened simply "Emma"..."