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When did magic become... ordinary?

When did magic become something explained. That its something everyone knows about, discusses as if they discuss a trade or science.

When did a magic item become tools for a job? When did obtaining them become a matter of taking a shopping cart down the aisle of a local hardware store?

Why is it that whenever you talk about an item with such awe and reverance, people assume you must be taking about a major artifact or even a god like artifact.

When did the standards for what should be magical become ordinary?

More importantly, What would it take to get your players to believe in the power of Magic once again?
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Spaceship Thread

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Spaceship thread.

On the topic, anyone know of an RPG with good spaceship rules?
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What are you guys brewing!?
What cards are over-hyped!?
What are your picks for sleepers?!
What are you playing!?
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>>NPC: It looks like you've been through quite a bit. What happened to you?
>>Player: I tell him what happened.
>>GM: Well, what do you say?
>>I just tell him what happened.

Why do players hate having conversations?
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DBZ Human Quest #114

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>This is a quest taking place in the Dragonball universe, starting at the beginning of the Saiyan Saga

>You are a human male, currently eleven years of age (12 actual)

>All previous threads are archived on suptg if you'd like to catch up

>At the end of each update, you will have the opportunity to vote on what to do next. After five minutes, the option with the most votes wins

>Write-ins are allowed, though I will disregard those I suspect to be shitposting

>Death is possible in this quest, but in this universe it is rarely permanent. So, try to be careful, but have fun

>I will offer certain action/dialogue options at the end of each update. You can vote on these, or write-in

>Have fun
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Paladin: The Redemption

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>1) Paladins are originally people who can see the gears, as defined by The God Machine Chronicle.
>2) Potential Paladins don't just see the big obvious gears, they see the chains and gears that lay upon the souls of humans and direct their actions. This causes most to break down as they come to think freewill is an illusion, that good people do so because something alien tells them too. That good people do evil things when they might not want too.
>3) Eventually a Paladin either breaks down, or he undergoes a Redemption. He sees someone who is NOT bound by the Gears, and for the first time hears the Song. The music that is separate from the gears, that drowns out their noise, that breaks the chains of darkness.
>4) Paladins have "Sanctity" which is their primary stat. The more Sanctity they have, the more they subvert reality to obey the Song and not the Gears.
>5) Sanctity allows Paladins to create a "Sanctuary" around them that breaks down normal supernatural laws and subverts them. Vampire Blood powers fuck up, Sin-Eater Keys fuck up, etc.
>6) At Sanctity 0, someone is a nascent paladin. They've not heard the song yet, but the gears are grinding into them and they are on the precipice of going mad.
>7) At Sanctity 7-9, their sanctuary starts to cause problems as reality is being 'purified' by the Song too quickly.
>8) At Sanctity 10, they are like a pile of burning magnesium, literally burning through the fabric of space and time.
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SS13: Syndicates On Deck Edition

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BYOND Download link: http://www.byond.com/download/

To connect: Open BYOND, click the gear in the upper right. Click "Open Location" and paste in the IP above. Click "Ok".

Welcome to d20Station, a rule light, low moderation server filled with custom content.

>What the fuck is Space Station 13
A top down atmospherics simulator with a "whodunit" on top. Survive in the station and do your department's job, while fixing the problems that the antagonists cause.

>How the fuck do I play this game? I keep hitting myself with things.
Use OOC and ask someone for help on how to play. People will almost always help you get a grip of the game if you're polite about it, just don't reveal too much in-round information in OOC.

>Hey /tg/ station I...
We are a separate entity from /tg/ station, we just host our threads on /tg/ as the server was made by fa/tg/uys for elegan/tg/entlemen.

We occassionally run Dorfstation mode, a roundtype where the crew must build up from a bare-bones station.

>How is this station different from [station]?
Join the server and read the rules and changelog (located at the top right of the game window). The changelog has been cleaned up to show changes starting from the base code of the /nt/ branch.

Do know what SS13 is? Dislike hate how other servers have gone? You'll (probably) like it here.

Code branch from NT (also named d20Station) is updated a few times every week with fixes and new content.

If you have a bug, contact an admin in-game or on the thread to report it.

Note: This is NOT SS13 general.

Reminder to NOT hide/ignore widebangle posts.
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Pathfinder General: Rebuilding the Shit Classes Edition /pfg/

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Maiden White Quest: Deception Class #7

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With the help of his friends and some heartfelt speeches, Makoto managed to rescue a number of his allies from the clutches of the rival magical troupe, but only to learn that they believe *he* is the evil corrupter. Led by a mysterious advisor known only as Black Pepper, these girls stand opposed to his purification and have vowed to save all girls from him. Their reasons are unclear, but you aren't going to just let them do as they please. For now, though, you rest easy with what companions have remained with you.

> Threads #1-8 Archive: http://archive.loveisover.me/d/search/subject/mahou/
> Threads #9 onwards: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?tags=Maiden%20White
> Alt Archive: https://archive.moe/tg/search/subject/maiden%20white/type/op/order/asc/

> Twitter: https://twitter.com/questqyubey
> Ask: http://ask.fm/Qyubey
> Status: http://pastebin.com/Vv1MXq7K

You are Makoto Kiryoka; a teenage boy with a penchant for getting into strange situations. You bear the power of the Mahou Shoujo against the corrupted souls that seek to terrorise the innocent.
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Hektor Heresy: Angry edition

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THE HEKTOR HERESY is a collaborative writing project that aims to re-tell the age old story of the Fall of Mankind into the Grim Darkness of the Future. We started by supposing a slightly different end to the Age of Strife, with different Primarchs being born in the Himalayzian Mountains and a different (but recognisably 40k) galaxy awaiting the Great Crusade. Things are now getting to the point where Hektor's rebellion is being covered.

We're happy to welcome new contributors. If you'd like to have a read of the project (and please, don't pitch an idea without having read anything!), there are a few possible starting points. The main page is:
While the main timeline is at:
If you're a believer in the Beakies is best school of GeeDubs, you might find it helpful to start at:
But we have plentiful greeblies
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