Muvluv TSFIA translations.

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Ok /m So the TE anime cause me enough interest to actual do something with my TSFIA collection so i m going to attempt at some translating.
For those who don't know TSFIA are short story of the Muvluv verse accompanied with dioramas designed to sell more Volks A3 or Koto model kits. Nevertheless the short story themsleves help to further build back story and world building for the Muvluv verse. Many of their story are on uncovers material but some like my pic of issue #1 here are stories already covered by the VN trilogy so for these i m not going to bother.
Normally i do this in order but. Since i know alot of people here are interested in the whole f22 vs Yf23 story i m going to start with those first. Namely issue #3 and #8 of the first TSFIA volume.
And since i m not a native speaker and don't have a Beta reader or editor expect mistakes. If you people wish to do edits on my translation and make it flow better the go ahead.