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TDCG+MMD thread. Posts saves, pictures, discuss the game, etc. Additional info and links in the following posts.

I'd also like to take this opportunity to remind people that is closing down in at the end of this month. A great deal of MMD files are saved to Loda, so if you ever plan on starting, start downloading stuff now as it will be much harder or impossible to find after Loda is gone.

TDA Append Miku isn't the only major model release lately. There's also a really cute Reimu model by the same modeller as the famous Alice. It's kind of a loli Reimu though.

You can see it here:
Download it here:

The password to unzip the file is "エフェクトの読み込みに1分以上かかります", which means "this model's effects take more than 1 minute to load." 霊夢 [にがもん式]Ver 0.1.pmx has a normal load time but no shaders.