AKB0048 Stage 15

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ALL ABOARD THE IDOL TRAIN! Get ready for some AKBingo.

ETA: 2h00 from now until it airs

You can follow this episode with us here :
http://www.justin.tv/playstation_x#/w/4504018736/6 (should be broadcasted 30 minutes later, but in better quality. Those who are coming late can still join us that way)

Preview for today's episode :

2chan thread will pop-up here :

Synopsis :

Nagisa Skydiving, Sonata being cute as usual, Mimori and Chieri oozing pheromones, puns and fun

>Chieri's got a sudden rise in popularity because of the TV broadcast of the "AKB Trial".
>The kenkyusei, aiming for general election, engage in new projects like regular variety shows, where they will be bewildered by a new experience and may be able to show a new charm.
>Meanwhile, Chieri is driven into doing gravure shots together with the successors, and while being rumored to enter the senbatsu, she isn't confident on her own popularity.