Shizune's Epilogue

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Based off an idea posted a few days ago by a random anon on /a/, and then fleshed out by a few other anons. Thanks for the inspiration, bros.

Perhaps it's to be expected, but I can't help but marvel at how this place hasn't changed a bit.

Stepping of the bus, I take a survey of my surroundings. Not that there's much new to take in. It seems that even with the passing of close to a decade, this sleepy little town refuses to let the outside world in. Same small, modest homes and stores. Same handful of old couples out for morning walks. The park to only betrays its growing age with its slightly larger trees. Of course, if I look behind me, I can also see the old hill. That hasn't change either. Although...

“I don't remember it looking quite so... steep. Why didn't I just drive here again?”

Checking my watch a second time to make sure I do still have enough time not to rush, I begin my casual ascent. Once upon a time, my condition would have required me to take a few breaks to surmount such a challenge. No such limitations exists now, though. Either due to the increasingly more effective medications, or perhaps my own exercise routine, I've found my heart to be in top form these days. The last time I had an episode was three months ago, and only then after I had tried to run from my house to the hospital a good mile away.

Yeah, I really don't need a rest. Yet even so, I can't help but stop anyway, taking in the breeze. It's a cold morning breeze: almost enough to make one shiver, if not for my own suit coat. Still, it's somehow refreshing. Not really nostalgia but... it's hard to put my finger on. It feels like this place never left me. Even during my busy university days in Osaka, I couldn't help but feel this is where I belonged.