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The wind blows. It is 7 in the morning, Ken-sama woke up to the cold morning. He got up, and went to the bathroom to wash his face. Ken-sama live in a traditional Japanese house, he only rent a room though. The old couple is nice enough to let him stay in their house.

Ken-sama grepped his kimono and wear it like a proper nihonjin, he walk to a window and smell the fresh nihonjin morning. "Ah, konbanwa anatas. What beautiful morning desu." Ken-sama zoned out looking at the beach from his room. Ken-sama went downstairs to greet the old couple. "Ah, ohayou ojisan and obasan". The old couple replied him with a warm smile and proceed with their breakfast while inviting Ken-sama.

Although Ken-sama can not understand them, he easily could read what the old couple is trying to say, he is born with this talent. "Arigato." Ken-sama said, he then went upstairs to take a few things. He took a bokken and a katana, the katana is hidden in his kimono and the bokken is on his obi, this is to avoid being arrested by authorities as he was warned last time. Ken-sama will be going on his usual morning walk to sightseeing the glorious nihonjin country. "Itadakimasu obasan and ojisan", they gave him a mixed smile and a slightly confused expression.