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Let me tell you a story /a/

When I was young I played soccer. Or football, if that is what you want to call it. And I was good. In elementary school, I helped our team win the interschool competition. I played hard and worked hard, often at the expense of my studies. My goal was to be the best there was. However, soccer wasn't my main priority. I also had a sister to care for. We came from a small country town and it was full of bullies. As my popularity rose through my soccer achievements, I could not allow myself to forget my precious sister. She would get bullied a lot, but I was always there to help her. At times I'd get violent and I'd get into trouble, but it didn't bother me. I knew I was doing the RIGHT thing, the GOOD thing.

My life changed when I won a sporting scholarship to a school in the city. It was a long way from my town and was well known for producing high grades. It was one of the best schools in Japan. I was no longer worried about my sister, I knew she could care for herself. She was strong and independant now, partly due to my influence, but mostly due to her own determination. I was proud of her. And she was proud of me. I left to the city planning to make a name for myself.