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I've already completed my first new year's resolution, that is, to read more visual novels. I just finished Saya no Uta, and I would like to discuss it. I can't be the only one who just wanted to flamethrower saya and fuminori throughout the entire thing. It was good overall, but made me really pissed. Fuminori is an asshole hypocrite and Saya is a retarded dumbshit. Saya should obviously fucking know right from wrong and that it's not okay to kill people, because she supposedly became human. The "true ending" blew so many dicks that not even I, OP, could suck. so everyone turns crazy and turns into monsters, and fuminori is the only one that it affects positively thanks to him being able to see monsters as humans. That's bullshit, everyone is just going to be like Yoh, maybe slightly better, but not anything human like.


Is there any games/pics of saya getting tortured and killed, it would make my night. Thanks.