Strike Witches Love is alive and well.

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Previously on Strike Witches
1.5 got translated

Episode 7 Preview

Subs are [Horrible] or [Underwater]
The Wiki - Here you can find articles, Reference Charts and contribute your knowledge
Contains translations of the "Suomus Misfits Squadron" novels, the missing parts can be found on baka-tsuki.
Scans of various Strike Witches manga and doujin can be found here
Looking for the soundtrack or the drama cd's? This place has it all.
A weekly radio show featuring Mai Kadowaki and Ayuru Oohashi as Sanya and Eila.
Missed a thread or saw a picture on GO that you want? Check out the archived threads.

>>>/anime/1279031567 - The Textboard

You can understand enough Japanese to translate stuff?
Why not try to translate the first manga, Maidens of the Blue Sky?