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Hi /a/, yesterday there was quite a discussion about two H-sites (Fakku and g.e-hentai) and since I hold the opinion that BOTH FUCKING SUCK I was thinking about making my own site. Main features would be:

- No registration bullshit
- No content filtering
- No ads (yeah, like I'd ever get any advertises anyway if I'm going to provide links to loli porn)
- MediaFire hosting (because fuck hosting hundreds of gigabytes of h-manga myself and because MediaFire is the only good DDL host).
- Powerful searching / browsing capabilities (artist, publisher, fetish, whatever)
- Allow registered users to add / modify content
- No image galleries (save for HCG sets), since you can always use any *booru for that

Of course it's all still very much a plan and I haven't coded a single line for it yet, but I make a template page. What do you think?