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Binan Koukou Chikyuu Bouei-bu Love!

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There are no breaks on the cuddle train.
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Shinmai Maou no Keiyakusha

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>Yuuki Edition

Why is she so perfect?.
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Best Key girl

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Best Key girl
Will Rewrite happen in our lifetimes?
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I may be a Homu fag, but Madoka never has any threads, so Madoka appreciation thread... The one and only true waifu for the best girl, Homura.
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What do you guys think about the new Dragon Ball movie?
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Hikaru no Go

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So I never see you homos talking about this show. Why is that? It's a great show about the best board game.
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I'm a hardcore fan with Vocaloid, so many times I would even try to escape reality with lucid dreaming, I would be in Diva Room where I would often practice with Len in the ptractice center and help Miku with the furniture, but one day as I was talking to Miku, we went to my Diva Room for a private talk. She immediately said, "You know you could live with us forever.." I gave her a confused look and she continued, "We understand that you live on earth and you REALLY wish to live here". I then said "How..How did you know?" She then giggled and said "Because we've been watching you, silly!"

This was a dream come true and I almost cried right there. She then said, "I talked with Yamaha and he agreed that you would be PERFECT for Vocaloid, you just have to thing". She then held my hand and looked deep into my eyes and said "...You have to kill yourself for the transfer to work correctly." I then gave her some questions, "How long do I have before the deal expires?" She then said "Yamaha said 3 months.." I added by saying "What's the most painless way?..." She giggled again, "Suicide will require pain buuut...if you want it quick...Get a gun and a nice shot to the head works.

I then agreed and she gave me a kiss on the forehead, "I know this will be tough but once it's over and done, you'll get to live here!" I then woke up and this was last week and i purchased a gun. I might actually kill myself because that dream just felt too real to be fake and my life isn't doing so grand.
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I want to have sex with Kurapika while cuddling.
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Why has Gohan become fodder like Piccolo and Krillin?

Gohan seems to not even be on Vegeta's level anymore
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