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Even the most depressing rain will be happy when we're together! And that rain will give bring on a new dream! Let these dreams rain down on the future! /ai/ - Idle Activities
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Who is this semen demon?
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Oh man
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By the way, when it comes to Sentai Filmworks dubs, I don't blame the voice actors.
The acting in Clannad, for example was good. The voice actors didn't do anything wrong, they were just doing a job for a bad company. No it's not their fault. (by the way, not talking about Clannad anymore, it's now Sentai in general) It's Sentai's fault for casting those VOICES for the characters despite them not working for the character. For example, from the trailer clip for each character in Chu-2 Love, despite the voices being ungodly awful, the acting was just fine.
Don't always blame the performer, because sometimes, especially when it comes to anime, the problem may be something behind the scenes.
That's not to say voice actors can't be bad (yugioh Zexal cough cough), but usually when they're bad at acting, they may be just starting (you gotta start somewhere). Most voice actors will have some background in theatre, so (for the most part) they are all good actors. If not, well lets just say they won't be voice acting for very long. Maybe with 4Kids though.
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name a better parenthood story. protip you cant
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How important are nipples to you in ecchi shows?
Do you wait for the BDs?
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Scenes you didn't expect you'd cry
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