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So we all know college anime clubs are a complete disaster but how about Meetups?

I went to one last night and it wasnt that bad. Of course a 1/3 of the people are cringeworthy neckbeards but there were some cool people too.
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Why didn't you tell me that more was coming, /a/?

I'm ready to carry on with married life~!!!
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>be a girl. ( An actual girl, not a "girl" on the internet). Anime is a main part of my life, nothing mystical about me besides that.
>I meet someone that seemed interesting. I knew he was a weeaboo.
>We started talking. I told him I watch mostly Manime. It was like he didn't even listen to what I have just said. He went on and kept talking about his highschool anime.
>Later, I found out he doesn't even watch manly anime. Only some Cowboy bebop and Ghost in the Shell (which he didn't like) because he heard of the upcoming movie. He is mostly into highschool anime.

Ok, you people make fun of us girls all the time, and I think it is justified most of the time. But when you are a guy and you only watch highschool anime, it is ridiculous.

How can you feel so superior if all you watch is anime intended for teens on their thirteens?
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Death Note thread
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What kind of name is Bajeena?
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Shingeki no Bahamut

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Is this the way to HELHEIMU?

Not a peep from the official account as usual, but the materials book (~200 pages) is slated for April 28th.
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Holo or Horo?
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Why don't you like this raisin?
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The only thing they did right was add a black man
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