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The IDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls

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>Chuunibyou demo koi ga shitai!
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Kantai Collection

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>TTK dead
>it's all right, we have his words written on this note

So TTK was a prophet, wasn't he?
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Opinions on Usagi Drop

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We need to talk about the ending.

Plot from Wikipedia:
When 30-year-old Daikichi returns home for his grandfather's funeral he learns about the existence of Rin, his grandfather's illegitimate six-year-old daughter by an unknown mother. The girl is an embarrassment to all his relatives and is treated as an outcast. Annoyed by their attitude, Daikichi decides to take care of Rin himself, even though he is single and has no experience raising a child. As Rin becomes part of his life, Daikichi experiences the hardship of a single parent. He is befriended by the single mother of Kouki Nitani, a friend Rin meets in nursery school, who gives him advice on raising Rin. After a year has passed, Daikichi acknowledges his sacrifices for Rin have been worth it. The first half of the series focuses on Daikichi's perspective and struggles raising Rin. Ten years later, Rin is a high-school student and the remainder of the series focuses on her trying to figure out how to deal with her feelings for Kouki, and her decision for a career. Rin discovers that she has no family ties to Daikichi and the series ends with Rin planning to have a child with Daikichi.

Girl wants to have a kid with a dude that took him in when she was young.
Isn't it in a way, incest?
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Why is it that so many of you enjoy Japanese media like anime and games, yet don't want to learn Japanese?
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Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V

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How many episodes can you make of one hentai series before it seems excessive?
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Weekend Waifu/Husbando Drawthread #1

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Weekend Waifu/Husbando Drawthread #1

Let's take it easy this week.
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Why are the Japanese so autistic about the depiction of underage drinking?

10 times out of 10, if alcohol is being offered to characters, they'll refuse saying how they're underage, as if Japan will sink into the sea if they did.

Or, they will be depicted drinking what appears to be beer or champagne or what have you, only to later make a point to explain that it is either only juice or non-alcoholic variants.

Why is a naked bathing loli whose genitals/nipples are lazily obscured by "steam" perfectly fine, but may God have mercy on your soul if a 19 year old takes a sip of Zema?

Is it a legality thing? Like, it's illegal to depict underage drinking in Japan?

pic related
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Cross Ange

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Left or right?
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Who wins?
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