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Lucky Star

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Did you find Lucky Star boring?
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The last musician/band that you listened to outside of anime now made the OP to the last anime that you watched.

How fucked are you?
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This man may possibly be the fucking greatest protagonist in any anime I've ever seen.

>Has a hot wife
>Has a hot partner
>Doesn't give a fuck about magic rules
>Fuck your chivalry
>Fuck your nobility
>Fuck you

Emiya Kiritsugu: Genuine Badass
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Gay bear priest is here edition.
Previous thread
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Weekend Waifu/Husbando Drawthread #1

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Weekend Waifu/Husbando Drawthread #1

Let's take it easy this week.
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Can't decide which anime I like the most:
(1)Death Note, (2)Neon Genesis Evangelion or (3)Clannad.
Which one do you prefer most? Post nr 1,2 or 3
(Optional: explain why)
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Daily Japanese Thread DJT #997

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What the FUCK /a/

Why did this amazing series have to end so early

Berserk thread
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Shokugeki 109

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Full chapter out on mangabird
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