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Awesome stories

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"where will you be when the acid kicks in?"
>be 16, not allot of friends but 2 really close friends
>just started smoking pot after doing whip-its, saliva, cough syrup, adderall.
>buy shitty shrooms form a faggot at school, don't work.
>still trying to forget about shit that happened in the past.
>I buy acid for me and my 2 other friends and have one stoned guy watching us who sits on a fucking heater all night.
>acid doesn't take affect for a long time, think its a dud.
>acid takes affect on me, tell my friends whats happening.
>one of my friends starts to have a chode head.
>stoner friend cant even smoke weed when i'm stoned and on acid.
>look into the mirror and see another dimension.
>chode friend comes in after i tell him to come over.
>we are tripping hard when my other friend on acid is just getting sorta distracted and laughing allot.
>stoner friend is going to bed so we decide to go out side and start gaze.
>cold as fucking errected nipples so we bring out blankets and look at shooting stars till about 5 in the morning.
>go to bed wake up next morning and talk about how it was the best kick back that ever happen besides the acid not being that strong.
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Dance gif thread

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I couldn't think of a better title, bite me.
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Hey guys. Any video wizards out there that can help me out? Does anyone happen to know a proper way to encode video in a way best for file compression when aiming to store in a lossless compression file container such as a gif?

I'm able to compress a 2-minute video clip in VirtualDub to an AVI file while retaining a good amount of image quality by using MP4 format that nets me a 2.9 MB file, but when I use the same codec to store into a gif, and then run the gif through optimizers, the file comes out larger than the video file at 6.5 MB, even when undergoing drastic visual degradation.

Also, I checked out some of the programs in the tutorial, but even when they culled about 1/3 of the frames out of the gif, it bumped the size of it (after web optimization) up to 26 MB! This is clearly unacceptable.

P.S. I didn't find a request thread so I'm posting out here.
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Hey Faggots,
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