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Bitching and Moaning General

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>Join a PF game as a player
>GM has a bunch of houserules in place to make the game "more accessible and faster"
>He doesn't even know the regular rules why the fuck are you changing a system when you don't even know how it works
>When overpowered things spring up because of his shitty rules he bans them rather than trying to fix the shitty rules he has in place
>Explain how they aren't over powered
>"Well with my rules they are so they're banned"
>They probably think I'm a rules lawyer because I'm the only one that actually knows the rules
>Character creation is ultra simplified because "character sheets are hard to make and its difficult to process all that information"
>They probably think I'm a power gamer because I can make characters quickly and they will be somewhat optimized
>Game starts and we have to roll for everything
>Rolling to see if our greeting was rude
>Rolling to see if our missed attacked destroyed some property
>When something is attacked it gets a defense action that must be rolled for
>Rolling for spell accuracy on non-ray spells AND target gets save rolls
>Because of the simplified chargen no one has stats so every roll is just a flat d20 roll with the exception of random +2 or +1 bonuses the DM feels like giving based on his idea of your character

I still had fun but holy shit my autism was flaring up the whole time.
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Hello and welcome to the Power Armor CYOA: Teamwork Edition general #40 (or so)!
Feel free to post builds, discuss the game, or just bitch about broken Hawkeyes.

IRC channels: #PCAYOA and #suits on Rizon
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What do you think of Buffbolds?
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Weekend Smut Thread 2: It's Getting Hot in Here Edition

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All word and pixel /tg/-related lewdness is welcome here, so long as the rules are followed. Writefags, consider pastebin/1d4chan rather than dumping for long stories. Drawfags with uncensored pictures need to host their images offsite and link to them. For those of you visiting from other boards, err on the side of censorbars and spoilers if you're hesitant.

People especially appreciate it when you give them meaningful feedback and criticism, so make sure to do so. It's easy and both writefags and drawfags will love you for it.

In any case, enjoy! Remember to play nice and that all contributions and requests are welcome!
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malal thread.
post malal
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How was your release?

I picked Sultai, and Abzan seemed to dominate the pre-releases myself and my friends went to. Which clan is the strongest pick?

I am in love with this card.
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Rock Quest #6

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You are an accountant, and you're having the biggest midlife crisis ever. The day before yesterday, you melted a band of demons masquerading as ACDC, and now your little band (you, a drummer priest, and a live EDM DJ) is playing their scheduled concert in Albuquerque. You've been warned that the crowd was hostile, assassins had been arriving in the city, and the security guards were being paid to just let it all happen.

Luckily, you managed to wow the crowd with your skill and showmanship, winning them over with an impressive display that fulfilled on the promise of an ACDC concert. Then the masks came off, and you started playing your own songs, lightning sparking from your newly-repaired demonbone-reinforced guitar guitar.

You kept the crowd, but the old "personnel consultant" you invited on stage to play rhythm guitar is holding your drummer and DJ at gunpoint, right in the middle of a rockin' chorus. The concert security doesn't seem to care, and the crowd still thinks it's all part of the show.

Is this the day the music dies?

>[] Ignore it - you can play solo the rest of the evening
>[] Charge at him to club him down with your guitar
>[] Try to light him up with a lightning bolt - maybe he'll explode like the stage monitor did
>[] GTFO

Roll 1d100 with your vote.
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JumpChain CYOA #44: BADWRONGFUN Edition

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Characters you want to play

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>cherubim elf assassin that uses a sniper rifle enchanted with electricity damage. Death by lightning strike.

>Clip-clop, Centar Lancer.
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