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40K General

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For a starting topic:
What's your army's biggest weakness, and how do you get around it?
Except for you, IG, you apparently have the answer to everything.
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Fate/Stay Night Quest [Part 4]

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"Hello. I have been sent by my Master to offer you a proposition. If your organization will work to kill the Einzbern association, we will not kill you at this point in time. Do you accept?"

Einzbern, one of the three Great Families. A family of master alchemists, who in this city have a worrying amount of clout.

The golden-armored hero looks to you expectantly, awaiting your answer.

Your castle is destroyed. Shirou is still slightly injured, and Cu's pool of accessible prana has shrunk from the leylines of Fuyuki down to his own prana.

In other words, your situation is hardly an advantageous one, particularly against the hero who had just destroyed your castle moments before.

You're still certain you have enough prana to use Gae Bolg several times, or to activate a series of runes, without any issue, but is that worth the risk?

[] "Okay, we'll accept your deal. We'll go after and kill the Einzberns." (truth)
[] "Okay, we'll accept your deal. We'll go after and kill the Einzberns." (lie)
[] Mentally tell Cu to fight. He just used an A+ NP, he has to be below top form. You can win. (Specify: Gae Bolg, runes, straight combat)
[] Try to distract the Servant with small talk while you try to get a clear head of what's going on, maybe find out his Master.


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High School Helper Quest 16

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After an awkward morning start in the small and cozy loveseat with Haruka in your arms and the rest of your friends leaving for the day, you stay behind to help Hikaru clean up the mess from last night. All the while trying to pry out details of Hikaru's and Keiko's disappearance from a dazed Hikaru.

You have mixed feelings on the matter, between intense burning jealousy and congratulating her. Not to mention that Keiko's still sleeping in her room, and you have to go on your date with Aimi, leaving both of them alone together to do who knows what. You tune into Hikaru rambling, partly to you and partly to herself.

"I still can't believe it happened. I was drunk but I remember everything so clearly." she says as she ties up the trash bag. You shrug and grin.

"You know that thing about not remembering things when you drink isn't really a thing right? It's something people make up when they do embarrassing crap like dancing naked in front of everybody or something." you say scratching your head. "You have to have been drinking way more than you did if you ever get to that level."
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What are some good rpg videogames?
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>Almost forever GM is getting tired of GMing, understandable
>He wants to play
>Step up and say I want to GM
>People are reluctant because I like stuff like ToB, Anima, M&M, etc
>Two other players step up
>One wants to GM Mouse Guard RPG (I'm totally down) but gets only one vote (me)
>The other wants to GM Game of Thrones using D&D 3.5 core only, humans only and no casters (not even half ones). But enemies can be dragons, liches and whatever because he wants epic shit.
>Everybody but me votes for that.
>Btw rolled stats
What should I do, if I bail out they aren't going to invite me anymore, I tried to, you know, talk to them and ask for more sources or even to allow paladins and rangers, but new GM is ignoring me.

I'm thinking in breaking my arm to have an excuse.

Help me Obi...I mean /tg/, you're my only hope.
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Pokemang Quest Episode 29: Swirling around town

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Welcome back five badge trainers, four badge luddites, three badge plebeians two badge jobbers and one badge chodes.
mechanics for this quest and party info can be found here http://pastebin.com/sXxAGRCg

Last time on Pokemang Quest:
>Safari Zone wew
>Fuck Giraffes
>Tomorrow for more pokemans
>Comfied so hard right now
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Sex Change by royal decree

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Continuing from >>34548145

What are good adventure/storytelling scenarios involving being genderswapped? Why might a character choose to switch gender for a time, and how might it happen accidentally? What motive might a wizard, villain or spirit have for switching a character's gender, and how might they be persuaded to change it back?

If done for infiltration, which places would most benefit from a gendered disguise?

Which circumstances might conspire to keep a character genderswitched? What challenges might a PC have to overcome to restore their original form?

Any plot ideas and story concepts welcome!
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Attacking the groin of a centaur should be something easy or hard? why?
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Medival Japan

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I'm looking to start a game that is set in medieval Japan.

What was the religion, culture, warfare, politics like during that era? I'm interested in just about anything you might want to share.

I also have some questions of my own:

Who exactly were the samurai? I mean, I know they were a warrior caste, but what exactly were they like? Did they form orders like the knights did in Europe?

Were the ninjas like hired thugs or did they really do that acrobatic stuff?

Why is there so much hype about the katana? How much better is it than the longsword? Did the samurai use shield or spears?

What can you tell me about pic related?
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Eclipsed Moon Quest Episode 37

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Eclipsed Moon Quest Episode 37
Sheets and Info: pastebin.com/u/phantomcrossing
Twitter Account: https://twitter.com/Artemis_QM
Ask.fm Account: ask.fm/Artemis_QM
Archive: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?tags=Eclipsed+moon

You are Mikage Chiba, age 15, second year highschool student and you’ve had an extremely long night. There was plenty of violence, a fair amount of intrigue, the revealing of your own secrets, discovering new mysteries, and throwing down with a guy in a parking lot.

Right now you’re dealing with the aftermath to that violent exchange, now inside the golden arches of the MgRonald’s on the north side of town. Specifically you’re in the bathroom, staring at yourself in the mirror while cleaning up your hands and face.

Out there, ordering you a post fight meal, is the young man you just fought with. It was just for fun. Fun for both of you. You enjoyed it, and you’re pretty sure he enjoyed it. To think you were able to win against a trained boxer...okay so you may have been enhanced with magic.

Do you sit down and chat with him as the manic and crazed violent girl or do you sit down and chat with him as the girl he already knows?

The girls said we should go for it...but who should go?

That boxer, Sasha, is @ivandragowasright from your Lurk Friend’s list. Argh, why is this so hard. Are you still a bit hung up on Gai even after Kairi? Maybe it would be better not to think of this as anything big. You’re just grabbing a late night meal with a guy you think is cool. You’re friends already, right? Why so nervous?

Mountains and molehills

>Go out as The Beast, be aggressive.
>Go out and be yourself, alter your disguise so the black hair is a wig you can take off, the restaurant staff won’t recognize you later because disguise field.
>Have existential crisis. About?.
>Bail, bail hard. How? You’ve got options.
>Write in
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