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Lore Rape

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Let's talk about Shadows of Mordor a bit.

The ending of the game comes with the revelation that Celebrimbor, now an elf ghost, is cursing Talion to unlife in order to get revenge.

Talion's kind of pissed about this, but eventually reconciles with Celebrimbor, kills some of Sauron's favorite guys, and then utters the line in pic related.

So he's going to forge another ring of power in the sequel, it seems.

Would you run or play a game set in middle earth with this sort of plot?
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Shadowrun General: AI Edition

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Connecting to JackPoint VPN...
...Identity Spoofed
...Encryption Keys Generated
...Connected to Onion Routers
>>>Enter Passcode: XXXXXXXXXXXXXX
...Biometric Scan Confirmed
Connected to < ERROR: NODE UNKNOWN >

>Welcome back to /srg/, chummer

Pastebin: http://pastebin.com/yWkbxHpL

Love Love Meta High!~

If Deus is more powerful than Megan, and Megan is a paragon now, does this make Deus more powerful than the Paragons?
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How would you feel if GamesWorkshop made it so that having higher initiative gave a unit a chance to countershot units with lower initiative? But you have to roll for it.

For example a squad of vanilla marines shoot a squad of noise marines the person with the noise marines gets to roll for the chance to snap fire at the unit that shooting at them(provided their weapons are in range).

Doesn't work on enemies who's initiative is the same or higher.
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It's my 30th birthday and I just became a wizard.

I don't have any spells yet; that's where you come in. Help me decide.
I can learn two attack cantrips (defined as a spell that harms or hinders a creature), three utility cantrips, and four 1st-grade spells, one of which is my signature spell.
I can cast cantrips at will, my signature spell once per hour, and each other spell once per day. As I learn more spells I'll have another limit but that's not important now.
A cantrip can't heal, create matter, last longer than one minute, form an independent creature, deal more damage than an average handgun, or affect an area larger than an average house, and is roughly half as effective as a 1st-grade spell in every way.

Here's the interesting part: my spells can be chosen from any work of fiction as long as it's something a beginner could learn and requires no special materials.
The rules of my own magic supersede any other setting's general rules but not the drawbacks of specific spells, so for example if a spell is taken from a setting where ALL mortal magic risks hurting the caster, it won't hurt me, but if a spell is relatively powerful BECAUSE it hurts the caster, there's no way around that.
Don't get hung up on choosing the most broken spells; the effects of my spells are automatically adjusted to my level of skill so they will be "fair" no matter what. All that matters is practicality. Try to recommend spells I'll actually use again and again.
If it matters, I have a plain wooden wand that can't be built into a larger object. It's not strictly needed, but it gives me greater control of projectile spells.

Any questions?
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Modern Satyr Quest

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I'm Danny McGill, and I'm not human.

I was, not too long ago. Normal kid, doing dumb shit. But things changed on my sixteenth birthday. I changed. In a lot of ways. I grew a pair of goat horns out the top of my head, for a start, and some other things grew too, if you catch my drift...

Now I'm hearing stories about these guys that want to kill me. Or do something to me. They killed my dad, and all his friends. Now they're coming after me.

But that isn't what concerns me most right now. Right now I'm trying to steal a whole bunch of hard liquor in a state that says I shouldn't be drinking for another five years. (load of bullshit if you ask me)

Now I'm in the backroom with the counter girl, some Indian chick named Preet. They got stacked crates of hooch waiting to go up on the shelves and a loading bay door.

Why am I so concerned with lifting all this alcohol?

Funny story. My dad was the ancient Greek god of hard partying. Also, apparently, I'm his heir or something. And hard partyin' gives us our power.

> grab as much as I can, whatever I can and haul it out
> take my time and find the best stuff
> maybe the chick that works here has an opinion?
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Last thread died. Whoever puts these up didn't do it immediately so are also presumed dead. I don't have the links but nobody uses the links.
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BattleTech General

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The old General is dead, long live the new General!

Warfare in the Radical Future of the 80s

Previous thread: >>35544557

>/btg/ does a TRO.
http://builtforwar.blog (not spam) spot.com/

>Map of /btg/ players (WIP):

>Battletech Introductory Info and PDFs

>Rookie guides

>Sarna.net - Battletech Wiki

>Megamek - computer version of Battletech. Play with AI or other players

>SSW Mech Designer

>Battletech IRC
#battletech on irc.rizon.net

>PDF Folders
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Straya Quest 3: Bogan Life Edition

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>Last thread was a tie. Share the bottle with Mel
You grab the last beer bottle from Dave, and pass it to Mel. She gives you a look. "We're sharing it," you say. She takes a drink.
"It's... alright."
"Good, now pass me some."
You alternate swigs of the bottle, and Mel turns down the weed. Suits herself, more for you. And so the night passes. At some point an older guy named Joe showed up, bringing more booze and KFC. Every bottle you got, you made sure to share with Mel, keeping up the alternating swigs. You're starting to get a bit tipsy at this point. Dave and Chanel have started making out, and Gemma is still all over you. Looking to your right, Mel doesn't seem in any state to mind. Actually, you've never seen her drunk or drinking before.
"You alright?" You ask her.
She gives you a big goofy smile. "I'm totally fine!" she says. "This isn't so bad after all."

"Oy, I'm getting bored," Josh says. "We need to do somefing."

>What do? Go roaming? Play a game? Go home? Other?
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Mfw my players use my speshul snowflake setting pieces in their backstories

By trivializing them to make themselves more important.

>Yeah, my family is a clan of assassin's that are like, 10x more dangerous than the not!Dark Brotherhood
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Chapter Master General

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> What is Chapter Master?
A Space Marine Chapter management simulator that is also the 40K version of Dwarf Fortress.

> Where do I download it?


> Does anyone have the weapon stats?
http://pastebin.com/ympW97ms (update: with the release of ver. 0.635, all weapons and armours have stats now. Not to mention that all intended weapons are now implemented).

Additionally remember. Tau, Ork, and Tyranid ships are inferior to your own statswise, thus their fleets will put emphasis on numerical superiority. Chaos Fleets are equal to your own. Eldar...kinda challenging.

Always maintain high relationships with factions you want to be friendly with. Not only the bigger your trust they have in you and give access to more options from them, you'll get the things they offer much cheaper requisition-wise.

Ver. 0.635 has a bug that doesn't allow you to change secondary weapons. Be patient and believe in Duke.

Not to mention:



This is holding back a lot of features and tons of improvements on the game.

If you're an artist, and want to help, drop by on IRC and talk to Duke...or at least provide a rough sketch of how the UI would look like.


Old thread: >>35550502
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