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>mfw I unveil the BBEG
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Non-standard relationships in RPGs

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Have you ever had relationships evolve or show up in your games that involved more than two people, or had something else unusual going on with them? Were they magical realm, or just something that happened to occur? How long did they last, and who all was involved?
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Pathfinder General: You can't go full Double Dragon with the Brawler edition.

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Well, another year in 4chan.

-Why jadwige witches are so titty monster?
-Giantslayer or why whining too much about crossgenre APs can bring shitty APs.
-Ze lazer iz doin' nathin'! Why fiends resistances can be a pain in the ass
-How to build your Kingdom and don't look like a noob playing SimCity
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Song of Swords: Learning to Count

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Last time was a very special episode of Song of Swords with new art!

Song of Swords is a game. It's pretty cool. You should check it out.

Here's 1.9.3!
(Some parts from 1.9.2 will have to be used to fill in the gaps, this is a transitional version.)

Previous update (v1.9.2) and its bookmarked version
http://paste2.org/NdWXyeBE Homebrew Armor Sets

Here's the wiki for the game's fantasy setting, which is pretty cool and filling out a bit more every time someone gets bored.

And there's a Roll20 room where we teach new players the game, and fight each other for fun.

Previous thread: >>35180747
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A quick question: which naming convention do you prefer for weapons? The top or bottom one? Should it go from very light (dagger) to heavy (greatsword), or light (dagger) to great (greatsword)?
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Magic The Gathering Lore and Waifufaggotry General

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>You are a planeswalker.
>In the vast Multiverse, only you and some other chucklefucks know of the countless worlds beyond your own.

Welcome to the Magic: the Gathering Flavor General thread!

Helpful links:
>Uncharted Realms Archive
ARCHIVE http://www.wizards.com/Magic/Magazine/Archive.aspx?tag=unchartedrealms&description=Uncharted%20Realms

>Savor the Flavor/Taste the Magic archive
ARCHIVE http://www.wizards.com/Magic/magazine/archive.aspx?page=13&tag=savortheflavor&description=taste%20the%20magic

>Planeswalker's Guides
ARCHIVE http://pastebin.com/Ttgtz6A9

>Set Trailers

>Current Status of Planeswalkers:

>Doug Beyer's Tumblr

Reminder: Keep bait, shitposting, and arguments to a minimum--try to focus on lore discussion. Lewd writing is welcome if put in a pastebin.

We now have an IRC: #mtgwaifulore on irc.rizon.net
Starter topic: While staying on a plane you actually like, you decide to get your waifu/someone who you are emotionally close to, a present for their birthday which happens to be today, but some chucklefuck planeswalker makes off with it and runs away
what do you do?
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ITT: 10/10 art on 0/10 cards
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Quest Thread General

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QMQ: Do you know how old your quest MC is? Why or why not?

Player Q: Which QM do you think has been the most stubborn about refusing to admit their mistakes?
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40k list thread

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New thread, old one is kill

Is a swarm list for nids actually viable?

Tyranid swarm list:prototype

Total cost: 1999


Swarmlord 285 points


Zoanphrope 50 points


Ripper swarm 39 points
+1 swarm 13 points

Ripper swarm 39 points
+1 swarm 13 points

Endless swarm 1
2 termagant broods 240 points
3 hormagaunt broods 450 points
1 tyranid warrior brood 90 points
Total cost: 780 points

Endless swarm 2
2 termagant broods 240 points
3 hormagaunt broods 450 points
1 tyranid warrior brood 90 points
Total cost: 780 points
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This is your final task, Acolyte/Interrogator/Explicator. You are to enter the chamber and deliver Emperors' justice. Take a bolter and meet your final test.

>enter the chamber
>see this
>wat do
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