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Background Character Quest Episode 16: This is (Not) a Subtitle

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I am Daniel Speltin, top tier waste of potential and mid tier student, all round unimportant person about town.

I trudge along the hallway, past the Light Music club room, where I spot the sounds of giggling and tea being poured drifting through the door, another counselling session. “Christ, do those twats ever actually play music?” I mutter as the giggling intensifies.

Claire’s at practice, Mia’s skipping school to stay with her mum according to the text she sent and Rosa’s fucked off to fight some evil witch lady, leaving me with jack all options to skip this for. I take a deep breath, exhaling slowly and knock on the door in resignation.

“Come in Daniel.” Ms Gutla trills. I nudge the door open with a foot, the room looks half trashed, her makeup askew and clothes dishevelled, but she seems oblivious to this. She just goes on as normal, gesturing invitingly to the faded blue couch, strewn with papers. “How are we feeling today?” She asks.

Christ I hate that term. WE aren’t feeling anything, I’m not part of your group, woman! I instantly shudder at how edgy that sounded, even inside my own head. “I’m alright, yeah.”I grit out.

She smiles, ticking a sheet and placing it on top of that same tray marked with a ‘W’ now knocked over. For a second I try and actually peer at the sheet, but it lies face down on top of the tray, out of sight. “So how’s your week been since you got out of the hospital?” She asks, planting her chin on her interlocked fingers, staring me down, as a shelf on the far tin wall collapses, showering the corner of the room with files and books.

>Write in
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Warhammer Fantasy Battles General

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>implying there are such things as female satyrs

good one, wizards
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Oh shit, it's the Elves !

Hide your husbands and sons !
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Realistic(?) Space RPGs

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Afternoon, elegen/tg/entlemen

Recently, I've become really interested in the realistic end of sci-fi, as in: Life on a spaceship/station is difficult and inconvenient, with protective gear and special equipment constantly required. Combat is inconvenient and typically swinging around weapons is dangerous to everyone due to the delicate nature of the environment.
Obviously, it is somewhat masochistic to think we wouldn't have solutions for a lot of these systems by the time that humanity spreads to the stars on a grand scale, but I think I'm looking for something unpleasantly deadly - Where a piece of speeding particulate making a minor tear in your suit is just as great a threat as any.

Anyways, do you guys know of any systems that function somewhat like this, or that can be adapted for my purposes? Thanks in advance.
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Jumpchain CYOA Thread #91: Macross Missile Massacre Edition

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CYOA Thread

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Namefags are Cancerous Edition
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non-attractive women art thread!

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non-attractive women art thread!
This not some SJW bullshit. I just need some normal looking women for a pathfinder campaign. When fantasy women all look like either models or hags its fucking impossible to make meaningful contrasts
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Quest Thread General

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QMs: How much of your world did you plan out before running your quest, and how much did you come up with in the middle of the quest?

Players: What kind of settings do you prefer in quests?
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M:tG Standard

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I've been out of the standard loop for a bit (stopped playing after Born of the Gods), but played in a Khans prerelease. Recently made a decent chunk of money and was going to buy a box of a standard set, but can't decide which. Was thinking Khans because prices are still somewhat fluctuating and they have Fetches, but there are some pricey/staple cards in M2015 and Theros.

tl;dr - Which box of standard magic should I get?
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