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Hey guys, if any of you were here for the thread last night and friend and I managed to make it into the top 5 of a video competition Kroger grocery stores were hosting. The winner of this competition receives a VIP package to the Texans vs. Colts game Dec 16th and a meet and greet with Arian Foster. The contest is almost over, voting ends at 2 am. We were getting beaten pretty badly last night when some fellow /sp/artans helped to push us into the lead over our main competition, two rather rude 6/10s with over 6,000 facebook friends.

If you guys wanted to take a few seconds to help some bros out, you guys can take a look at the videos and vote for us we'd be eternally grateful. In return we'd be more than willing to try and do whatever you guys like with Foster from signing a dead frog to giving a shout out to /sp/ in some way, shape or form.

>If you're willing to help us just go here and "like" Kroger's facebook page (just unlike their page once the contest is over if you don't like Kroger) then go and vote for the video below with the names Josh and Kyle in title, then just allow their voting app to send it.

We've literally exhausted every means of vote gaining we can, we've gone without sleep, keeping up with work, and college while trying to win this but it doesn't matter. She just has more friends.

Feel free to take a look at the videos as well, they're all pretty shitty, we just think ours is the least shit out of the pile of shit.

Thanks for the time guys.