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>only watched this now in one sitting

what the fuck have I been doing all these years that I've never watched this?
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Captain Earth

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God fucking damn it.
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Think of that one /m/ show you absolutely hate. The one you just hate with a burning passion. The mere mention of it sends you into a state of pure anger.

Got it?

You sure?



List one legitimate compliment about that show. None of that backhanded compliment bullshit either, it has to be something you genuinely liked about it.
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can someone identify these robots?
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What does /m/ think of Aldnoah.Zero?
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Mecha Abridge dub project

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YOU! are you bored?! Do you own a mic?! Are you /m/an enough to voice act? Are you willing to write scripts? Then Lets join forces and start our own /m/ abridge series!

How it works

A script will be written between /m/ members on the thread for the chosen show.
Casting will be picked by /m/ members (Poll) who feel the person best fits the role
What we need
Video Editing for mouth flaps.

The Abridge series will be one episode per series. The videos will be hosted on my youtube channel (Don't worry I don't gain any money from youtube, this is just for fun), If enough people join up I'll open up a wiki, similar to what Zeta Drift has done with /m/ sings general.

Why am I doing this? Because it would be fun for /m/ to work on more projects together like /m/ sings and /m/ draws.
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Why is she such a terrible bitch?
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