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Plasma Stakes

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How exactly are Plasma Stakes supposed to penetrate anything? They don't look sharp enough to me.
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I see a best boob thread, but we all know ass is superior so who has best ass of all /m/?
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Hey, /m/

Anyone know where I can watch Boukenger? TV-N is shitfactory.
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THE NEXT GENERATION -PATLABOR- Chapter 3 (Episode 4 & 5)
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Kamen Rider Gaim - 33

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Being Nagano is a life of rejection.

>Designs rejected for Zeta
>Designs rejected from ZZ
>Designs rejected from CCA
>Be invited for Dunbine movie
>Dunbine movie never happens
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Hizack Appreciation Thread

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The Hizack was the workhorse of the Gryps conflict for both the EFSF and the Titans. Neo Zeon uses them sometimes, and it even gets used by the Sleeves later on.
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The manliest show this season isn't even Tiger and Bunny or MERA MERA.

It's Ring ni Kakero: World Tournament, the politically incorrect boxing anime, gentlemen.

This show is so blatantly racist it's so goddamn funny.

Episode 1: Team Japan vs Team Italy
In this episode, Team Italy is made up of a bunch of mafias. They attack Takane (our MC) outside of the ring but failed. When Ishimatsu (Team Japan) found out about it, he fucking destroyed these bastards in the tournament, except the leader who got done later by Takane. So yeah, Italians are a bunch of pussy faggots who can't fight.

Episode 2: Next it's team France, and they look like a bunch of homos and all of the sluts flock to them. One of them is even called Tiffany. Pic related. Seriously, Kurumada? Why do japanese people always view France as pretty boys with long blonde hair and sparkles everywhere? It was the same shit in Captain Tsubasa with Pierre.

streaming raw here:

Now I ask, have you encountered similar stereotypes in /m/ related anime?
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HELLOOOOOOOOOOOOO /m/ City! I hope you enjoyed the offseason as it's time for /m/ to take to the pitch again for the Winter Cup! /m/ finds itself in another Group of Death and will have no easy run to the title.

It kicks off at Axis with /m/ taking on /s/! Following that, the team travels out to pone stadium to take another crack at /mlp/! To cap it all off, /m/ will be back at Axis take a third crack against /pol/!

Get hype /m/en! It all kicks off February 15!
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