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70s and 80s Mecha Thread

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The last thread have hit the image limit pretty quick, and is now falling to the last pages. So, here is this new 70s and 80s mecha thread to replace it and keep the legacy going. You've been missing for a while and finally got a hand on a computer? Here is the last thread >>10884529 . Better check it out quickly before it dies.

Most of you already know the rules, right? If not, here's what this thread is for: argue, discuss and dump stuff like artworks, fanarts (if they're well made of course), sketches, magazines' scans, artbooks, DVD/VHS/LD/CD/BD's covers, ads, musics, screen-caps and so on, that have a link to a Sci-Fi and Mecha anime/comic/novel/film/OVA.

Here are a few links to interesting links posted by fellow anons on the previous threads:

Leiji Matsumoto Interview about Space Battleship Yamato:

Dirty Pair Gears :

GO Freaks, a website about Go Nagai:

Chris Cel's Site:

The DEATHKING webpage (it has a few /m/ stuff that are worth seeing) :

Daitarn 3 shrine :
(check the rest of the website to get a whole bunch of pictures from various /m/ and not so /m/ shows)

Tune of the Thread:

Little Animation of the Thread:
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/m/ I think I'm going insane

So I love pilot suits, and no surprise that I'm attracted to the muv luv ones since you easily see their boobs and butts

But now nearly every god damn thing is turning me on

For example, the fucking shoulder pads. HOLY SHIT WHY, WHY DOES IT AROSE ME SO. I wanna fucking touch it, rub it, hell maybe even put some whip cream on it and lick it

I hate my fetishes for what they have made me become
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Tiger & Bunny - The Rising- thread #6

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Old thread >>1060542

Stream: 05/24 on Bandai Channel
Canada screening: 06/26 + (06/29?)
BD release: 07/04
OST: 06/25
COH Vol: 7+8: 08/27
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Turn A Gundam is King

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There are people who still deny this.
and no, ELS 00 Qan[T] can't beat it.
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Are Mortar Headds (and Machine Messiahs by extension) essentially the most powerful "series" of mecha out there? Even the crappy Leo-Tier grunt suits like the Maglow have specs that allow them to surpass even the V2 Assault Buster, arguably the most powerful UC Gundam.

I know there are mechs out there like Gunbuster, Jehuty, and Turn A/X that can hold their own against a Mortar Headd, but is there a "series" of mecha like the Gundams that are on par with or surpass the Mortar Headds?
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Post series that you know are shit, but you like anyway.
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So, to get this straight. The early TSFs couldn't even really fly, just sort of half-heartedly rocket jump a bit (my source for this is /m/ so correct me if I'm wrong). And the brilliant idea of using TSFs flying NOE at high speed to deep strike at BETA lasers in the rear wasn't fully codified until the East Germans launched the laserjagd in the early 80s.
So up until that point, what were the TSFs even good for? Large, cumbersome, incapable of long range rocket/jet powered flight, how could they possibly accomplish anything that couldn't be accomplished with tanks and SPAAGs and choppers?
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I can't quite put my finger on it, but why is it so irritating to look through Nagano's MH battle scenes?
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VVV Thread

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Best Bromance ever told!
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