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I think everyone agrees that the first season of Gundam 00 was probably the best chance Sunrise has had recently to rejigger the tropes of the Gundam metaverse to be more serious and relevant to modern day audiences; but, like franchises such as The Matrix (which had the chance to recast American action blockbusters as a genre that focused as much on crafting original settings and addressing philosophical notions as deeply as it did on really, really cool actions sequences), that promise was completely obliterated in subsequent releases.

Assuming that the supplementary material - manga, light novels, etc. - is non-canon (because they lead necessarily to the travesties that were S2 and the movie), how would /m/ have continued 00 after the season finale of S1?
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>80s female protagonists
Horribly written, one dimensional fanservice bait

>00-10s female protagonists
Well-written, complex, strong

Why were the 80s such shit?
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So I actually think that this deserves it's own thread because it brings up an interesting point.

So in here, >>10817453, we have the usual panicing over CGI and all that crap blah blah but then someone brought up that "nobody cares about the human characters" when it comes to Gundam.

Now I actually find this fascinating for two reasons. The first is that this essentially leads one to wonder how iconic certain characters are or if "iconic" even means anything. Wouldn't it mean that there would be no need for humans to drive the plot and just have robots fighting? But then that would feel like it's a complete rewriting of Tomino's ideal to present war as it is.

The second reason is that how much of Gundam is the Gundams really? On one hand, it's been proven that you can have a lot of shit characters but it doesn't matter as long as they're popular because they will sell the show but on the other hand, what stories are there to be told from just robots fighting? Gundam isn't Transformers.

I also have to wonder wouldn't this logically apply to all heavy toy commercialized shows? Like, say, Yu-Gi-Oh. It's more common to remember the humans and plot in that show over the monsters but its still selling those cards. Or for a better example, Digimon. Those series basically run on the humans and characterization because there is really only one or a few "big" toys to sell (The Digivice I mean).
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Everyone loves Patlabor.
The manga is mostly untranslated.

We have people translating just about every other popular Franchise like Gundam manga, Go Nagai stuff, and even Sidonia translation threads.

With that said... does anyone know where I can find decent scans for the volumes that were translated? All I can find are low-quality images from shitty manga reader sites.
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Fanfic assistance

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Help here. I'm planning to write a Strike Witches fanfic with mecha. The plot being like this:

"The Second Great War finally ends on May 14, 1946, when all the remaining Neuroi have stopped attacking and moving, thus the event being referred to as the 'Great Miracle,' however, on June 1, 1946, mysterious ships come from outer space and drop objects. Coming out of those objects are tall metal giants. Announcing themselves as the Stavrosian Empire, they proclaim their intention to conquer Earth, and reveal that they sent the Neuroi millenia before to weaken Earth for the invasion. After half a month, almost 65% of the Earth is under Stavrosian control. However, on June 25, 1946, Liberion forces, after miraculously mission-killing a Stavrosian Eisen Jaeger [Iron Knight (mecha of the fanfic BTW)], they discover, after analyzing the corpse of the Eisen Jaeger's pilot, who killed himself out of shame, that the Stavrosians are human like they are. With a mission-killed Eisen Jaeger in their disposal, the Allied Forces proceed to make Eisen Jaegers of their own to counter the Stavrosian invasion. After 2 months, the prototypes, built by Fuso industrial firm Miyazaki Industries, are completed and ready to shipped off to Europe by the aircraft carrier Hiryuu, for the main operation to defeat the Stavrosians will be there. However, on September 15, 1946, Yokosuka Base, where the three prototypes are located, have been found by a Stavrosian reconnaissance squad. The squad, contrary to their given orders, attack Yokosuka, and in the midst of the attack, three teenagers, Shinji Himemiya, Misato Oka, and Eiji Miyazaki, pilot the prototypes and ward off the attack. With them, two of their friends, Kouji Namikawa and Mamoru Yagami, along with the crew of the Hiryuu, must take the prototypes to Europe to take the fight to the Stavrosian Empire."

Now, for the question at hand, which do I make an expy of, the Dauzehn from Dragonar, the Solomco from Layzner, or combine them both?
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How to put two or more separate pictures into one picture

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Sorry if pic not related. They won't let me post unless there's a picture.

Exactly What It Says On The Tin. To rephrase the question, how to do a picture like this:
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Plasma Stakes

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How exactly are Plasma Stakes supposed to penetrate anything? They don't look sharp enough to me.
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I see a best boob thread, but we all know ass is superior so who has best ass of all /m/?
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Hey, /m/

Anyone know where I can watch Boukenger? TV-N is shitfactory.
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THE NEXT GENERATION -PATLABOR- Chapter 3 (Episode 4 & 5)