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Forbidden Scrollery Chapter 21 is translated.

Raisins and Rats
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Monster Girl Thread

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Why so tsundere lately? Its like no one is going to post!

Monster Girl Pastebin: http://pastebin.com/mZEhPMMW

Hype for Anime - Rising: http://www.monmusu.jp/sp/

What are the best Tsundere monster girls?
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/jp/'s Original Content/Drawthread #151

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General original content/drawthread for /jp/sies. You may use this thread to contribute your works or to share ideas related to possible projects. Anything OC is welcomed; including drawings, writings, music, and programming.

Previous thread >>12431141

One of my songs >>11598416 is going to be played on the radio today at 7:57 pm EST. You can listen from the internet at 96x.fm since I assume that none of you are local.
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I want to violate Youmu is all orifices.
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Overall impressions now that Day 1 is over?
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who are your favorite retro idols mine is akina nakamori and hako yamasaki.


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AKB General 161

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Previous >>12460125


AKB48 debuted "DOCUMENTARY of AKB48 The time has come" theme song "Ai no Sonzai" (Existence of Love)

Mayu Watanabe De-thrones Sasshihara Rino to become AKB Center 2014.

Rina Kawaei passed her Medical Food Coordinator challenge.

AKB's new single "Kokoro no Placard"

SKE's Yuuko expected to graduate in November.

Janken Tai coming up the brackets have been posted.

AKB48 Group Discussion Only - Concurrency members to AKB48.

Reminder: Photos of members who are not 18 should not be posted.
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>like Ranko
>mfw I am universally confirmed for having shit taste

I know you have one vocalist you like, but everyone else loathes with passion.

Who is she?
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sachiko is healthy!
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