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Why is Kaga Kouko so perfect?
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Anyone else here a fan of this show? It's really simplistic and silly but I'm really enjoying it. The characters are cute and the fucking music is unbelievably good.

I have no idea how I could possibly explain it to anyone I know who ever caught me watching it though. "Oh it's a chinese cartoon about a kindergarten and one toddler's resolute quest to make her teacher marry her. It's totally not weird at all for a grown man to be watching."

Kigurumi Planet best ED so far.
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Keyman - The Hand of Judgement

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Chapter 18.
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Did Ishida actually like Nishimiya when they were younger without realizing it? Or is it just Ueno who misinterpreted the situation?
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Are you around the same age as your waifu?
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Whose dick i have to suck to get Jinsei subs?
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Vivian James anime

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Hello I am a small time animator and writer. I am looking at starting up a anime web series using the character Vivian James. The show will be about her fighting feminists and playing videogames, the genre is action comedy. If you are interested please contact me here xtoxicgamesx@gmail.com
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I need your cutest reactions /a/.
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Would you lick Shinobu's armpits?
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Why is she so perfect?
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