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post her face when he sees your D
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Walkure Romanze thread

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>tfw Mireille will never ask you out for ranchi
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Wake up see this, what do?
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Yahari/Oregairu LN Volume 6.5 Bonus Track (Drama CD included):

This takes place right after volume 9 so I'm posting it here. This should hold you over until volume 10.

Make sure to have emergency dial on hand.
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GGO: Worst MMO of all time

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Is it just me or does stun seems insanely overpowered in this game? He just nicked Sinon in the leg and she dropped like a rock instantly. That doesn't even happen in real life. How is that balanced? In any other game it would take a headshot or at least multiple shots to the leg to put her down, and not fucking instantly. On top of that, it doesn't seem to have any sort of time limit. Once you're stunned, you're fucking done. Death Gun just takes his sweet time jerking off over the fact someone is about to die and they're just helpless to watch.

Stun is fucking broken as hell, in any other game every player would be using them for just how overpowered they are. Also did I see right or am I going crazy or did this fucker have a Crysis cloaking device? Are you shitting me up the ass, where did he pull this from?
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Shield Hero General

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Last thread was archived, so starting a new one
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The singer for this sung Blumenkranz? and now she's just everywhere, is that how it works?
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Out of the 4 most popular anime/manga in the Western world, what's the best, what's the worst?

The 4 I'm talking about are:
One Piece
Fairy Tail

For me:
Best: Bleach
Worst: One Piece
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