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DJT - Daily Japanese Thread #878

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So, I have my own theory on how King Crimson works.

Basically. When King Crimson activates his ability he creates another universe. In this universe everything goes as if he didnt activate his ability. In the original universe, time has stopped and King Crimson can move around and "preview" what happens in the new universe and thus position himself accordingly. Once King Crimson's effect ends, the two universes collide again and the effect stays but King Crimson is in a new position.

For example:
Original universe: KC uses ability creating universe 2.

Universe 2: King Crimson gets shot at by a person.

In the original universe, time has stopped the second the activated the ability. He previews in the new universe that he will be hit, so he moves around and position himself behind his target.

Universe 2: King Crimson gets shot and the bullet goes through him into a wall

Once KC's effect ends, the two universes collide and King Crimson is behind his target and there is a bullet hole in the wall where he stood before.

Does this seem right or did I smoke too much pot?
also, jojo thread.
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Love Live

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It's Rin's Birthday nya~.
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Reactions thread.

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Just dump what ever reactions pictures and gifs you want.

Thanking you.
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This is the worst shit Iwasaki's ever done.
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Its happening.
Will the yandere kill them all?
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Do you like his hair?
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Drawfag Thread 1325

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Drawfag Thread 1325

second rarfag's files until thread 1319:

Draw Friends Booru!

Please help a little by not tagging pics!
Tag list of artists and colorists:

Missed a delivery or sudden 404?
Drawfaggin' references and tablet guide:

Thread 1324 >>116081157
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Shokugeki no Soma 93 - The "Sword" That Announces Autumn

Chinese scans:

The color pages have nothing to do with the actual story
The first one has Alice saying she has a big-big-BIG surprise annoucement for us only to have Erina tell her "It's just the TV anime adaptation, isn't it? The cover had it written"
Alice starts pouting at Erina telling her she's boring and Erina starts acting like she's not interested in the anime (but she's just being tsundere)
Then they're called saying the "broadcast is beginning" which makes Alice take Erina with her

And all that leads to the spread which features some of the most important characters inside a TV while someone is holding a remote control.

--- Back to the story ---
The audience is in shock at Gin's suggestion
Erina says such a final has no precedent and isn't something a judge can just decide
Senzaemon thinks the suggestion is interesting so he declares the second semifinal a draw and that both of them pass to the final in which they'll face Souma

A girl from the Tootsuki Sports comes to interview Ryou saying "Congratulations, how do you feel?" only recieve a "What 'congratulations' dammit" as response, Ryou still can't accept nor believe they just declared it a draw

Akira is also interviewed but he is really calm and answers in a textbook way like "I'm bitter that it was a draw but I must get over it and prepare for the next match"

Souma watched both of these conversations happen and makes a meaningful face at Akira's response

Then the reporters (including Mitsuru) come interview Souma too.
He feels kinda awkward about it but eventually answers something like this: "I was in the same block for the preliminaries as them, Hayama beat me by a point and I tied with Kurokiba. So I wanted to properly defeat them both before going upper. I feel like I got a "special bargain" by getting a chance to do so"
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Best Key girl
What went wrong with the anime?
Why was half of Rin's route done in 2 mins
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