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Gentlemen, how does one win the heart of the best DxD?
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Is the KanColle anime going to be full CGI like Ars Nova?
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So I posted yesterday on /a/ asking if Guilty Crown would continue to be so retarded.

Verdict: Yes it does, do not watch it.

I'm gonna blog here but bare with me.

MC is a complete retard, gets tricked by Inori, she admits everything right in his fucking face, saying she didn't mean anything at all and it was just Gai who told her to act like that, and he still stays with the group of faggots just because he has a crush on her even though she's playing with him.

Then there's the female MC Inori.

She's worse than our lord and savior Tatsuya she literally shows no emotions, she just doesn't give a fuck and she just want suck Gai's dick, because hurr durr. Then she falls "in love" with Shu for absolutely no apparent reason and does everything to protect him, again, for no apparent reason.

Then even though they "supposed" to love each other, they don't even kiss, all they do is speak, and even that, they barely even speak, what kind of anime gives a "tragic" ending based on romance when the whole show didn't even prioritize romance AT ALL, the only "romance" in the 21 episodes before the ending was when Inori K.O MC and kissed him.

I also don't get it, why did he choose to live in the end when he had already chosen to die? I mean Inori took the burden in her death and released him from everyone elses problems but why didn't he just let himself be crushed and die with her again? Surely it's better than to live alone when you've lost "your love" (fuck sake, they didn't even love each other but whatever), lost your right arm, lost your eye sight and are pretty much fucked and useless for the rest of your life. Maybe it's just me but I'd rather die.

Now that the rant is over I feel better.
Anyone who compares this shit with Mirai Nikki will get a kick to the balls

Shit characters, ok plot, shit MCs
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This series was beautiful, such a good ending.

Ribbons getting friend-zoned was a bit sad but they pulled it off amazingly, anime of the season if not the year.
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>[HorribleSubs] Ao Haru Ride - 12 [720p].mkv
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Looking for an anime i saw when i was a kid, i hope someone can help me out.
have the following clues:
was aired in locomotion ( there is a list of all animes that aired there i cant find it myself though)
one of the characters (probably villain) was sort of a freak,he was born with some sort of leg defect, dad tried to kill him as a baby and trew him to a river, but he was saved by some superntural being and gained powers.
now hes some sort of emotionless teen that floats over a ying-yang disk.

anyone can guess who it is?
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Kawakami Thread (Horizon, Owari no Chronicle, CITY...)

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3x3 thread
rate, guess personalities, guess people's other hobbies, idk
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