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Precure thread

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Precure thread
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Soon: One Piece 765

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Holy shit!
Guys, this might be Kaido!
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No Waifu Thread?


Pic related. Lilly is mine. All mine.
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>tfw no parasyte buddy
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Does anyone know an old school street fighting anime, which starts off with the main character using his mom's money to bleach his hair blonde. He sees another guy go into the same haircut place who spikes his hair up. They become allies later on. This is driving me crazy that I can't find the name of this anime.
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How's that NEET life treating you, /a/?
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hands down, AOTY right here folks.

Animation, story, characters all perfect. This is what we have been waiting a long time for.
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Cross Ange

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Do it for her /a/,Do it for her

Best Girl Thread

>pic unrelated and yes that could be spoilers ahead
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jojo thread
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