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Why is she so perfect?
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Shingeki no Kyojin/SnK

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Spoiler week officially started.

Save a shingeki, put a shifter in the oven insteday.
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>You will never go back to your elementary school self but retain the high libido you have now and hang out with all the cute girls.

Sad pandafrog.
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what happens
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>nyaa is kill
>under the dog didn't get the funds it needed
>DMCA policies

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Waifu Thread

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Your waifu a best and I hope you will always be faithful to her. Post her here and tell us why she's wonderful (or if you have a husbando, why he's wonderful).
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Canon girls who have had their hymens broken
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Why does this show get so much praise when it is so damn repetitive?

>starts out with a normal situation
>character points out a social norm or something about the situation
>a billion examples are given, possibly with a ZETSUBOU
>other characters show up all to reuse the same old jokes related to their little quirk
>next skit, rinse and repeat

This is almost every single episode. I liked it at the beginning, but I'm starting the third season and I find it harder and harder to finish because it's like the exact same shit with a different topic each time.
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Happy birthday, Sapphie!

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