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ITT: Series with really ugly art.

I'll start with picture related.
>Every character looks like a drag queen
>Deformed proportions
>Horrible outfits
>Ugly faces
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Best Key girl

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Best Key girl.
Why did Kyou not get her own story in Clannad?
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This is a boy.
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MKnR Volume 14 Spoilers Thread

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Fully translated spoilers when?
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>plays an instrument
>best vocalist
>best waist/hip ratio
>dat gap
>future doctor

Why is Maki the best raibu?
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Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V

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So, /a/, who dies this week?
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why blue and pink
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You would _____ a chiyo
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anime club thread

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post your stories/experiences here.

>joined my college's anime club
>we nominate shows to watch
>I suggest Gundam 0080 and Macross Plus
>accepted nominations are Steins;Gate, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure S1, Ergo Proxy, Macross Plus, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Gundam 0080, and Psycho Pass
>first round of voting passes
>choices are JoJo's Bizarre Adventure S1, Steins;Gate, Psycho Pass, and Evangelion (pick two)
>that's some great taste there

Thoughts/opinions? Overall I think they're a fine group of people, just not my kind I guess.
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