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>You will never be raped by a cute girl ghost
Why even live?
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Would you go to a loli festival?
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Akame ga Kill Thread

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New thread, for all the good it'll do you.

>death flags a-munchin'
>Cirno a-spammin'
>General Grape jobbin'
>Tats rocking that sweater
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Why is he so much more gar than Shirou or Shiki?
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Would you kiss a girl that's actually a boy?
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Shingeki no Kyojin/SnK

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10 Days to go for Spoiler week, post your theories on 63 here in the meantime.
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The pic says itself
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So does this mean Hisoka has a huge cock?
Or are Gon + Killua simply entranced by the power of the D?
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So we all know that Guts vs Rosine was the best fight in Berserk right?

and that Berserk peaked with the Lost Children?
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Explain an anime plot poorly and others try to guess it.

Guy loses his waifu multiple times and constantly has to refind her
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