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Haruhi Thread

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Haruhi Thread
Haruhi Thread
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Best Rokujouma?
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Which episode is your favorite?
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What makes Slaine such a great MC?
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Why were SEELE and Gendo trying to stop each other when they both basically wanted the same thing?
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Happy birthday!
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New Rance 01 key visual
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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pPZDBF0kei0 So Pharrell released this anime/videogame/datingsim themed video. Before that he released a remix of a hatsune miku track. How does /a/ feel about anime becoming more accepted and mainstream in american pop culture? Will it have a significant impact on anime, and will there be a larger market opening for anime in America. Space Dandy already received a double release stateside and in Japan, will this become a more common trend? Discuss.
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Ebola Chan Thread

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You can't control-a the ebola
Dump pics and worship her, lest ye face pestilence and death
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This thread is dedicated to the convergence of national socialism and anime.
Post all relevant material