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why does everyone on here hate this show? I'm curious. It's cute and fun, and the LN is interesting. What more does it have to be?
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Mahouka Episode 25

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So? How disappointed were you with this episode? Also, Miyuki Cocytus when?
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akame ga kill

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anyone pissed off at lubbock death
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White Chaika is the greatest.
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How did Diarmuid end up with such a shitty Master? Complete opposite of his Sahvahnto.
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Who is the shittiest?
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>skipping the OP/ED of an anime
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Ronia the Robber's Daughter

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Just how far has Studiio Ghibli fallen to be making 3DCG shit like this?

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Aldnoah.Zero ep12

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Possible damage assessment:
* Grazing shot on forehead
* Shot through the right lung
* Unclear amount of physical trauma
** Fall from high altitude
** Possible infliction of unclear amount of blunt force
* No Shrapnel?
* No head trauma due to fall thanks to personal Airbag.

Regarding the Airbag: It did not deploy due to the fall. So it should be okay.

Possible damage assessment 2:
* Unclear amount of trauma due to blunt force
* Possible grazing shot on the side of head
* No head trauma due to fall thanks to Airbag

Lung shots seem to have a 80% survival rate (if immediate medical care is adminstered)
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