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Do the gataris get along with each other? We know Hitagi and Kanbaru are friends, Tsukihi and Nadeko too, and Hanekawa gets along with everyone, but what about Mayoi and the rest? or Hitagi and Shinobu?
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What's wrong with streaming anime?
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Shingeki No Kyojin/SnK

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We are on Spoiler week. Pic related was last cover we got. Any idea about the next one? post your ideas.

Keep it civil, canon and clean.
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Keep at it guys.

The egg should be unblocked by Thursday at this rate!
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Would you court Tomoko?
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When did you decide to stop caring about standards and just enjoy whatever anime you wanted?
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Yuki-chan anime thread.

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Some info tomorrow or on Thursday.
Your bets for animation studio? We still play!
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