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Best anime character from your country.

>inb4 the Finns and Germans start boasting
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So why are people Gay for ARcher when Lancer is the biggest bro ever? I admit I used to make E rank luck jokes (Fun fact! Archer also has E rank luck) and was surprised when he suddenly showed up halfway through UBW, but holy shit, this guy is the man.

Archer's constantly whining about his own unrealistic expectations. Even Saber regrets being king. But Lancer has no regrets. Even though he knows he's doomed to just be fate's plaything, he takes it like a man. And even makes sure to take Shinji and kotomine with him, what a bro.

Instead of Gar for Archer, we should be Gae for Lancer.
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>TAKING OUT Accelerator


I want blood.
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Weekend Waifu & Husbando drawthread #3

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Weekend Waifu & Husbando drawthread #3

Take it easy and have a good time!

Previous thread: >>115837922
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Sword Art Online II

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Half an hour until episode 16.
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Buyfag thread, read the guide before asking questions.

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Admiral level edition

Discuss admiral level characters

>pic related
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What would Touma's level-5 power be like?
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